Sunday, 27 September 2009


The last day of the Bare-faced Birders epic twitching adventure to Laos and Thailand finds us predictably in Bangkok, soaking up the atmosphere of this vibrant city whilst virtually drinking in the sweltering humidity. Pod is in Lumphini Park (Black-collared Starling above) doing some last minute birding and photography (he certainly needs the practice) while Gregsy is out shopping for his Misses and buying yet more iPods. We return to pack and take a final dip in the jacuzzi on the hotels rooftop...what a view!

Its been a great trip and one we'll remember for a long time. We successfully scored on the Bare-faced Bulbul and Sooty Babbler with relative ease and thus our exploits will hopefully tempt more of you Birders out there to visit Lao (and Thailand) as theres surely more to be found.
A big thanks to Stijn whos website was a goldmine of information. Same goes for Nick and his Thailand website. The people of Lao and Thailand for being overwhelmingly friendly and good value. Etihad Airways for their superb flights, service and nice aeroplanes (just a pity they support the blue half of Manchester).
A special BIG THANKYOU to Pod's wife Debbie who made his trip possible and Gregsy's wife Jane for letting John go in the first place.
Also a special thanks to our unofficial sponsors...BeerLao, Singha, Tiger Beer and Guinness god bless you all and keep up the good work.
Party on Dudes!...all the best from team cameraman and chief beer taster Pod.

Its ON MY LIST!...cheers from team tour leader and Bridge over the River Kwai fanatic Gregsy.

Trip List 204 (Lao and Thailand)


  1. Nice reading tough I have not yet gone through of it. Great report and a lucky trip. Will this blog be continued or it is terminated as mission is completed?

    Cheers, Szimi

  2. Watch this space as they say, you never know we might be venturing Sumatra way soon...


  3. To Sumatra via Jakarta perchanse?
    We (Emirates) will show you a different class of service and I will strive to be Your Personal Pilot both on the MAN - DXB trip as well as the DXB - Jakarta leg. Free Champagne and prettier stewardess'es'es.

    BTW: I just walked the Antrobus track a few months back (in Masafi Wadi); I imagined Antrobus to be this old, bearded chap that visited the UAE decades ago. Glad to have been proven wrong.

    Tommy Pedersen
    Captain, B-777
    UAE Bird Recorder

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