Monday, 7 September 2009


Its our first day in the field and we're at the km32.8 viewpoint, Gregsy is prepping the video ready for the big moment.

Hiding up in the rafters of the pagoda-like viewpoint was this foot long Gecko; what a stunning creature...we kept our distance.

First to show at 'the' stakeout was this obliging Moustached Barbet which was followed by a Blue eared and then a Lineated. Minutes later a Green-billed Malkoha and several Blue-winged Leafbirds joined the throng; reason being the tree next to the viewpoint was in fruit...things were looking good. Bulbuls did show such as Black-crested and Stripe-throated but not the biggy. So having downloaded the required call from the Xeno-Canto website we gave it a blast. Within minutes not one but four BARE-FACED BULBULS made a swift appearance and performed brilliantly for over half an hour right in front of us, it was high fives for the Bare-faced Birders.

One of the first photos I took of this bizarre looking Bulbul and as the light improved I managed to take some better shots(see below). Gregsy has some awesome video that will be published on the IBC.LYNX website as soon as we return. We reckon that we're only the 7th and 8th Birders to ever see this bird....what a tick.

The day though had only just begun and so we headed down the road (towards Na Hin) on foot in search of another blocker the Sooty Babbler.

On reaching km35 we encountered (ie. got close to) the amazing limestone rock formations that this area is famous for (and the Chinese want to quarry!!!) and began our second search of the day and it was still only 9.00am but the temperature was already 80'f. No stopping the Bare-faced Birders though as four SOOTY BABBLERS showed well but briefly on the limestone cliffs right by the roadside. Annoyingly we were unable to get any piccies as the group moved through quickly in the shadows of the overhanging trees. Then shortly afterwards this Green-backed Tit looked strangely out of place as it pecked at insects on the weird looking Karst formation.

Below video showing the km.32.8 viewpoint and the BFB in action...



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