Monday, 7 September 2009

Day 2 the late afternoon bit

With the adrenalin still flowing we went for broke and attempted to see the third mega of this outstanding area; namely the Red collared Woodpecker - a difficult bird to see anywhere in SE Asia. Tong dropped us off at km 48.5 and we hiked up the Weather Station Trail, Gregsy in the lead flushed a possible Pitta sp. that disappeared never to be seen again (Eared?). After what seemed like ages but was only a birding hour we located the trail to the ancient forest that Stijn De Win had found, what a surreal place it was, no birds at all just a deafening whine from the humungus cicadas.

The Bare-faced Birders living upto their name....Mr Universe watchout!!!

Jungle birding does have its down side and the enemy lay in wait at every corner...

Gregsy got a sock full....nice!

We retraced our steps and after a well earned shower hit the town! for a noodle soup and Lao Beer...we slept well that night, having just successfully twitched two of the most rarest birds on the doesn't get much better than this, roll on tomorrow.
Birding highlights
BARE-FACED BULBUL 12+ (further individuals seen along the road down to km.35)

Banded Bay Cuckoo
Collared Owlet
Orange Breasted Trogon
Grey-capped Woodpecker
Great Iora
Buff-breasted Babbler
Green backed Tit
and theres more to come so ttfn...BFB

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