Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Its 3.30am and the Bare-faced Birders are up and out in the field once again. There's no stopping us now as we walk up trail 3 (see Stijn's map) in search of night birds. A distant Mountain Scops Owl is calling and we tempt it closer with the tape. These little fellas have led me (Pod) a merry dance all over Asia and I've yet to set my eyes on one. We blasted the tape once again and in it came calling within metres of us...on went the torch...and there right infront of us one spanking gingery MOUNTAIN SCOPS OWL...bingo what a result. Gregsy has some jaw dropping video so checkout the IBC-LYNX website once we're back. The team cameraman left his camera in the minibus...doh!! What a plonker! well someone had to hold the torch.

Dawn finds us once again up the Weather Station Trail in search of that elusive Woodpecker but to no avail it's cicada city and a bird free zone.Pod coincidently felt at home in this pristine forest and climbed several trees in search of Woody.

The BFB live in action, video showing the trail in the forest beyond the Weather Staion Trail...

After some well earned chillout time we once again went birding Gregsy did the Temple Trail and Pod the Waterfall Trail. Late afternoon though was not the best time to be out as the temperature was touching 85'f and the humidity 90% (well it felt that way) not a new bird was added to the trip list and Pod couldn't even find the Waterfall...time for a BeerLao me thinks.

Birding highlights

Mountain Hawk Eagle

Mountain Scops Owl

Red headed Trogon

Orange-breasted Trogon

Speckled Piculet

Rufous Woodpecker

Orange-bellied Leafbird

Eastern Crowned Warbler

Yellow bellied Warbler

White crested Laughingthrush


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